• DV Blooming Essence Eyelash Conditioner

DV Blooming Essence Eyelash Conditioner


$16.25 CAD

DV Blooming Essence Eyelash Conditioner  is specially formulated for eyelash extensions, DV Blooming Essence contains copper tripeptide which helps repair natural eyelashes due to frequent use of mascara and eye curlers.

This is a specially formulated Essence which accelerates the growth and strength of natural eyelashes/eyebrows.   DV Lash Blooming Essence is a formulation of nutrients that help to stimulate blood circulation and provide nutrients to the roots of eyelashes and eyebrows. Increased blood flow helps to activate the roots. This will then create the appearance of longer, thicker lashes and brows. DV Blooming Essence can be used with or without eyelash extension to keep natural lashes healthy. It provides ample nutrition for damaged lashes due to mascara and curler use.


Directions: Shake well before use. Apply morning and night after washing face but before applying makeup.


Color: Clear

Size: 7 ml