• Lash Botox - VITALASER 15g

Lash Botox - VITALASER 15g


$23.25 CAD

The LASH VITALASER is powerful nourishing moisturizer cream with a unique vitamin complex designed to help to accelerate growth, revive eyelashes and eyebrows, and make them thicker and stronger.

It contains avocado and olive oils that help to strengthen eyelashes and eyebrows. Grape seed oil and vitamin E acetate stimulate growth, while avocado extract and olive oil provide radiance and gene health.

We recommend using the LASH VITALASER after eyelash lifting or eyelash lamination.


  • Apply Lash Botox Vitalaserwith a micro-brush
  • Cover them with plastic wrap for 10 – 15 minutes (depending on the thickness and condition of the natural eyelashes and / or the eyebrows)
  • Remove the plastic wrap and wipe them with a lint free pad or swab.

- Do not use water to wipe off! 
- Do not wet eyelashes for the first 24 hours

Content: 15 g

Good for approximately 100 applications. 

How often is it used?
For eyelash repair, Lash Botox Vitalaser should be applied twice a week for one month. For maintenance of gene health, Lash Botox Vitalaser is applied once a month.